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help!!! not sure what wire where
03-28-2016, 06:52 PM
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help!!! not sure what wire where
Ok.... so wiring burnt out and needing some help!!! I have a 1983 honda cb650sc (nighthawk). Factory wire harness I've never seen actually!!! I was having issues with battery not charging while running, so I started trouble shooting and something got grounded out and next thing I know wires melting everywhere. Ouch/oops!!!
Where I've have question mark, I need to know what and where it should go. Please!!
From stater I have 3 yellow wires, white and black. That goes to rectifier/regulator. Coming out of rectifier/regulator red, black and green.

Coming from spark module. Yellow, blue, black/white stipe green.

Starter selnoid. Red/white,green/red,red,yellow/red
Green/red ????

Maybe more questions to come but that'll get me on a great start!!
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03-29-2016, 06:47 AM (This post was last modified: 03-29-2016 06:48 AM by dirth.)
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RE: help!!! not sure what wire where
I haven't a clue, but you could google the bike (1983 honda cb650sc (nighthawk) wiring Harness)
at the results go to Images.
and there is 100s of the wiring diagrams.
But the first 2 I looked at had the colours,but not the codes like Y/R equals Yellow/Red, it would be a case of searching through the pages ,
Which to pick first?
I just picked 2 that looked a reasonable bet
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